Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tweet Log 18 (February)

Continuing my story through tweets... start at the beginning here.

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Wooo it's snowing in Texas! No one knows how to handle it down here XP

Just got Sims 3 to play in Japanese... and I realize my computer's OS is too outdated... sad face -_-

Blog Post: Heisig's Method in a Nutshell

Youtube update: Gantz Movie Review (and event report!)

Man can school really get in the way of stuff O.o I should have a blog post up tonight though~

Blog Post: Movie Review for Gantz Youtube update: New Facebook page!

Blog Post: Facebook Fanpage

Now that I'm starting the job-finding process, I have less and less time to myself ;_;

Still keeping up my blog/vlog ok, but I'm spending less time studying Japanese. I almost speak more than I watch/listen nowadays O.o

Blog post: Tweet Log 15 (November)

Youtube update: Using SRS to Learn Japanese

Sliiightly less busy this week, hope to make a real dent in my SRS reps! (good timing with this week's updates :D)

My lunch today - a sausage and rice dish and vegetable wonton soup :) oishii~~

Just started another Youtube channel as just a personal vlog and non-edited vlog. First vid:

QuirkyLife vlog: Japanese Speaking Practice

The weather right now is AMAZING!!

Just met a bunch of Japanese foreign exchange students at Kaiwa. I'm on a Japanese high :D

QuirkyLife update: Global Fair

Blog post: Using SRS to Learn Japanese

Youtube update: Lang-8 (日本語) I'm speaking Japanese in this one~

Lang-8 Video! | Lang-8 #lang8
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