Monday, March 21, 2011

Tweet Log 17 (January)

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Here's a cool, super detailed little model of Osaka-jo

Blog Post: CultureQuirk - Looking Back and to the Future!

A nice view of Osaka from the top of Osaka-jo.

白いクリスマス | Lang-8 #lang8

Another great view from the top of Osaka-jo~

Blog Post: Tweet Log 13 (September)

Made pasta carbonara according to @runnyrunny999 's recipe! 美味しかった!

Randomly started to watch Cardcaptor Sakura! So nostalgic...

懐かしいアニメ | Lang-8 #lang8

This was my lunch today! I love sushi...

I feel like studying kanji has spoiled me XD I'm so used to making little stories, and I'm not sure how to do that when studying vocab...

Remembering the *kanji* of each vocab is okay, it's just remembering the pronunciation that I'm struggling with...

I'm randomly watching bits of Nodame Cantabile. Forgot how much I love it <3 so impressed with how the actors did all the music stuff O.o

Made a small update to the blog - now you can easily move forwards and backwards through the tweet logs.

Blog Post: Motivation Ideas - Song Puzzle Learn Japanese *while* motivating yourself to learn Japanese XD

Back in town and started school... Need to get back in the groove, another rough semester ahead!

In other news, I should have my first Youtube vids up starting tomorrow! :D

Just got like eight different Arashi CD's! Soooo happy!! Thank you so much @maru887 for getting them to me :D

First YOUTUBE vid~! Introduction vlog :D

Just got back from watching Gantz! Loved it but did NOT love the dubs, can't wait to see it in Japanese!!

Being able to see the live interview with Nino and Kenichi though made me sooo happy~

GANTZ | Lang-8 #lang8

Youtube update: Introduction in Japanese! 自己紹介 (日本語)

Youtubeの自己紹介! | Lang-8 #lang8

Youtube update: Introduction (French/Francais) My last intro vid, this time in my native tongue :)

Blog Post: Youtube!

Golden crane on the wall. This was taken from the balcony at the top of Osaka-jo~

Youtube update: Basics of Reading Japanese

Wrapping up the Osako-jo pics with a nice picture of the entire castle.

Blog Post: Basics of Reading Japanese

So I go to practice some vocab on And hear they're closing down... That reeeally sucks :(

Just finished rewatching Zettai Kareshi... I just can't help but tear up at the ending ><

Just filmed my next video - I had to draw some stuff for this one XD wheeee~ Still need to edit, hope to upload it by Monday :)

Will be posting up a new video tomorrow! I would like it to keep it a weekly thing, hopefully wont get too busy to do that *crosses fingers*

Blog Post: Tweet Log 14 (October)

Youtube update: Heisig's Method for Learning Japanese Includes illustrated examples!
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