Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tweet Log (December)

I'm sure most people don't read all of my Tweets as I post them to Twitter, and as Twitter is essentially micro-blogging, I thought posting them as blog entries might interest some people - in case you missed anything and are curious ;) So expect chunks of about thirty tweets or so every once in a while as some extra content!

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Welcome to CultureQuirk, everyone! While my focus is Japanese language and culture, I’ll be sharing tidbits about many other countries too~

I’m from Belgium. It’s a tiny European country between France and the Netherlands. Famous for beer and waffles!

Did you know there are two main languages in Belgium? French and Flemish (like Dutch). I speak French, but I love both sides of my country!~

I took five years of Spanish in high school. I don’t get much practice and have been losing it, so feel free to send me messages in Spanish!

I’ve been to Mexico before, and the place I’ve been to several times is Cozumel. Very touristy but so fun and beautiful.

I’ve been studying Japanese for over three years now. I can help anyone with the basics and I’d love help to further my learning. Yoroshiku~


I have traveled to Japan before and had an amazing time. Can't wait to study there in the future.

I love how clean Japan is. Not a piece of trash on the ground. And every time I saw a trash can, there would be recycling bins too.

From my experience, the Japanese people are so friendly and helpful. I really had a great time on my trip there.

I love Japanese food. I mostly ate cheaper things when I was there – udon, curry rice, soba. So good!

Ever heard of korokke? It's the Japanese version of the French fried dish croquettes. One of my favorite foods, I love all kinds!

Japanese snacks are very different from most American snacks...

Most people know about things like Pocky, but what about mochi, taiyaki, onigiri? If you have the opportunity, try new things!

If you go to Japan, something to check out is the conveyor belt sushi places. Not always the best sushi ever, but it's just fun to check out.

I used to watch more anime than I do now - while I still enjoy anime, I much prefer watching jdramas and reality shows.

For learning Japanese, I feel like variety shows is one of the best sources because it's real, almost completely unscripted Japanese speech.

After reality shows, I feel jdramas are great because it's still fairly natural speech despite the script.

Anime is at the bottom for me when it comes to learning Japanese due to speech being dramatic and a little inaccurate, but it's still fun!

If you want to watch Japanese TV live try KeyholeTV http://xorsyst.com/japan/watch-japanese-tv-online/

Jdramas I'm currently watching: My Girl, Tokyo Dogs, Orthros no Inu, Kurosagi, and Ikebukuro West Gate Park. LOVING the first two.

A few of my favorite dramas ever: Maou, Hana Kimi, The Quiz Show Golden, Gokusen, Brother Beat, and the classic Hana Yori Dango :)

I'd like to start making drama reviews, and I'm always looking for new ones to watch. Suggestions are always appreciated! ;)

I'd like to watch other kind of dramas later (Korean, Taiwanese, etc) but right now I'm really focusing on learning Japanese and jdramas.

I just wish I had more time to watch dramas! Entertaining shows with good looking actors while improving my Japanese? Yes, please~

Plans for the upcoming winter break: Kanji SRS. Drama/variety show watching. Learn some new recipes. And hopefully launch my blog :)

Even though I'm minoring in Japanese, I would much rather learn it on my own than take classes.. Glad I'm done with them for the semester :)

I listen to so much Japanese music - lots of jrock and even more jpop. I usually like happy stuff, but I can enjoy sad or angry stuff too :P

I do enjoy visual kei - I've seen Dir en Grey live and they're amazing! In fact, most Japanese concerts I've seen live have been visual kei.

I was never really into Malice Mizer, but I do love Gackt. He's not just a pretty (plastic...) face; I really love his voice and music.


  1. Wow, I am so jealous that you can speak so many languages!!!! As for me I can only speak my mother language, English, and some basic Japanese :(( And OMG, I can see a lot of commons between us :P I also love jdramas as well :P Have you watched My boss my hero? That one is really hilarious. How's about Jmovies? Have you watched any of these? Koizora, Be with you, and Battle Royale are my all time fav :P

    Gackt, hahaha, he's gorgeous, and somehow his image reminds me of Adam Lambert lolz (I knew about him after I heard of Adam, so my sentence may sound a little awkward lolz)

  2. Hi there, thanks and good luck with your Japanese studies! がんばってね!I looove jdramas but for some reason I haven't seen very many movies... And I haven't seen My boss my hero yet! It's definitely on my list of stuff to watch, though!

    Hahaha, Gackt was one of the first Japanese artists I ever knew about (back when he was still in Malice Mizer...). I was still really young when I first saw anything visual kei so it kind of freaked me out at first haha. And I can sorta see the resemblance, though I'm not all that familiar with Adam Lambert. XD