Monday, February 1, 2010

Tweet Log 2 (December)

Continuing my story through tweets...

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I'm also a huge fan of Miyavi. Love his style, he's brilliant on guitar, and I had sooo much fun when I saw him live in concert.

Another awesome jrock band is Bump of Chicken. I hear they're huuuge in Japan, and I love what I've heard of them.

My favorite band for the past five years or so has been the jpop group Arashi. Not just their music either, although I enjoy that too. ^^

Something really dumb and dorky I do is celebrate Arashi members' birthdays. Really it's just an excuse to bake and have fun :P

Arashi no Shukudai kun, Himitsu no Arashi chan, VS Arashi, Mago Mago Arashi, CxDxG no Arashi - I've been learning Japanese from these shows.

The Arashi boys are all surprisingly good actors, that's how I got into them. A new drama starring all five of them is coming out soon yay!

Arashi's music makes me happy... They're so catchy and the lyrics are so cute :) Listening to them always puts me in a better mood~

I love kanji, I think it's so beautiful... I just wish it wasn't so tough to learn.

I'm using Heisig's Remembering the Kanji book to learn kanji, and I definitely recommend it!

A good way to learn kanji (or almost anything actually) is an SRS system. I'm using Anki, but there are a lot of good ones out there!

I'm determined to learn 3000 kanji by, say, next summer. I'll definitely try to make a dent in that this winter break!

I follow a lot of great channels on YouTube... Throughout today I'd like to give shoutouts to some of them :D

One of the first vlogs I've ever followed was @tofugu's - if you haven't checked it out yet, go to

If you're interested in the JET program or living in Japan, check out @JapanJET's channel at

Another awesome vlog I follow is @hikosaemon's at Check it out!

If you're learning Japanese, find some fun, quick lessons at @gimmeabreakman's channel

Going off from yesterday, another great vlog I follow on YouTube is @hirokochannel's at

Another awesome channel to check out is @gakuranman's vlog at

Here's a vlogger who's not only adorable but is a great musician: go see @katmcdowell's channel at

Here's a really awesome vlog I follow from a guy living in rural Japan - @christownsend's channel at

If you know any great jvloggers or if you have a vlog yourself, I'm always willing to check stuff out, so let me know!

I'm getting acupuncture done today! It's always a great experience for me, I highly recommend it.

I'm back home in Houston and am finally done with school so I can focus on my Japanese studies and relaxing! :)

It's always funny for me to come back to my room at my parent's house. I still have an Inu Yasha scroll on my wall. So old!

I wish I had more Japanese decorations in my old room, makes me miss my place in Austin. Instead I have a bunch of cute animals~

Don't really read manga anymore, but I have a huge collection from high school days. I enjoy reading over them when I come home! to be cont~

One of the reasons I love coming home is the food. I love my mom's cooking! And it's the only way I get Belgian food :P

I want to learn how to cook lots of new recipes this winter break! Belgian recipes of course, but I'd like to try my hand at Asian foods too

Manga Nostalgia: Marmalade Boy. First manga I EVER read! Cute art, cute story, good memories :)

Today I had "cassoulet" - a French dish with a tomato sauce, onions, beans and a few different kinds of sausage. It was so good!
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