Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tweet Log 15 (November)

Continuing my story through tweets... start at the beginning here.

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Working on an essay for Tanizaki Junichiro's 'Some Prefer Nettles.' Interesting stuff actually :3

Man, I've only been managing 3 blog posts per month this semester. So much schoolwork.. I am trying to stay consistent with that though!

Just spent almost three hours helping translate for this poor older Japanese woman who barely speaks a word of english. Good practice~!

Just started watching Freeter, Ie wo Kau! Also recently started Juui Dolittle. So much to watch XD

Blog Post: Japanese Core 2000 And a discussion of my Japanese study habits!

As I mentioned in my blog, I'm getting back into and the change is refreshing. Need to go to bed but I can't stop doing flashcards!

School's getting crazy busy! I'm filming a video for Japanese class tomorrow, though, so that will hopefully be fun ^^;

I'll be seeing Akanishi Jin tomorrow! So excited XD

Just look at that headgear! In Osaka-jo~

I've been doing my epic chores and just leveled-up. I'm a Level 6 Maiden of Juggled Priorities now! #EpicWinApp

Back home for the Thanksgiving break! Been sooo absent when it comes to online stuff lately, plan to change that very soon :)

Blog Post: Tweet Log 11 (July)

More headgear in Osaka-jo. I like the one with the antlers :p

So while we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Belgium, that doesn't stop my remote family from celebrating it in the US :) Happy Thanksgiving!

サンクスギビングとフットボール | Lang-8 #lang8

I do believe this last week of classes will be my toughest of the semester. Almost done with a blog post, so I plan to post it tomorrow :)

Blog Post: Drama Review for Tokyo Dogs!
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