Sunday, February 27, 2011

Using SRS to Learn Japanese

I've mentioned applications like Anki before, but I actually made a video explaining what an SRS is and how you can apply it to your Japanese study (and anything else you're studying!) Check it out~


  1. I just bought the book a few days ago. I like it, I don't have a good memory, but this method seems to work for me. The Anki application is also quite useful. I still have to find a way to improve the vocabulary and grammar. Thank you for the video ;)

  2. Apps like Anki and other SRS programs more or less force you to upload into the app lists of cards that you have to download somewhere on the internet and it sucks. That's because they are not aimed at learning japanese, they are too general (even though they work great)

    The best thing is probably to use an app that is "all built in" (i.e with a dictionary, example sentences and lots of little things like that that become really handy).
    I personally use Japaneasy ( which is really great. Lists (jlpt, ...) are pre-made and I also have my "favorites" deck. There are lots of other apps but I guess that they don't all include this learning system srs that seems to be complex, especially when they are free.