Friday, June 4, 2010

Tweet Log 6 (January/February)

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Manga Nostalgia: Angel Sanctuary. Beautiful art, but one of the most bizarre/disturbing series I've ever read. Still... it was interesting.. - A beautiful structure we saw in Ueno Zoo.

Blog Post: Some of my tips on managing life! May it help you with school and your Japanese studies :)

Manga Nostalgia: Hikaru no Go. An interesting story revolving around the traditional Japanese boardgame Go, with some great art to boot.

Added another tip thanks to @Carisell to my Life Management Post :)

Looking for an inexpensive way to get hardcopies of manga! どうしよう〜 Any suggestions? - This monkey at Ueno Zoo was chilling in this position forever, it was hilarious!

Finally watched the first episode of Bloody Monday. It's intense! I'm totally hooked.

Manga Nostalgia: Wish. A short and cute story from Clamp. Not my favorite manga series by them, but still a nice read. - Llamaaa! At Ueno zoo~

February Tweets

Manga Nostalgia: Fairy Cube. Again, Kaori Yuki and her bizarre plots. This one was shorter and less disturbing, though, and was very pretty~

Blog Post: Tweet Log #2 :D - The beautiful pond area at Ueno zoo (or is it technically part of Ueno park?)

Watching Kurosawa's "No Regrets for Our Youth" in class. Interesting.

Manga Nostalgia: Skip Beat. I got sucked into this series immediately! It was so original and funny - everything about it entertained me.

Researching study abroad options in Japan. Exciting stuff~ :D - More at Ueno zoo. So adorable! I think it's a loris?..

Manga Nostalgia: Chrono Crusade. Hadn’t read much of it, and while the plot did have promise, lost track of it.. maybe I'll pick it up again - Yay recycling! Bottles... cans... pets?!

Just got to kanji 1179 in Heisig's Remember the Kanji. @_@; Still have quite a backlog so the going's slow, but it's going! :D

Blog post: Variety shows! Learn Japanese by watching these hilarious, fun shows~

Just reached 100 followers on Twitter! I'm so happy, thank you everyone!! :D - Kuma-san chillin' out at Ueno zoo~

Writing to do lists in Japanese... anyone know how to say "To Do"? XD Write now the label's "すること"...

Manga Nostalgia: La Corda D’Oro. I’ve really fallen in love with this series – love the classical music theme, the art, and the characters. - Polar bear!! Still at Ueno Zoo ^-^ - Poop falls over you?

Kanji backlog down to the 200s @_@ but I'm almost done with the 31st lesson of the book :D

Learn Japanese by watching these hilarious, fun variety shows~

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