Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tweet Log 5 (January)

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My review of the drama Hana Yori Dango - - Ah, the streets of Tokyo~

Manga Nostalgia: .hack//sign Legend of the Twilight. Never played the games, but liked the anime ok; the manga was cute but nothing special.

Blog post: Summer Belgian Food Log. Ever curious about types of Belgian food? - The Sega building in Akihabara

Manga Nostalgia: Absolute Boyfriend. I loved the drama, and really enjoyed the manga too, although the end of it sort of fell flat for me.

Today I'll be celebrating Aiba Masaki's (belated) birthday with some friends! Haha it's a really dorky excuse to have fun XD

Blog Post: Intro to the group and members of Arashi! (嵐) - Gotta catch 'em all! In Akihabara. - Life-size statue of Evangelion character Rei in Akihabara.

Manga Nostalgia: Kingdom Hearts. Loved the games, but the manga... not so much. The story was way too rushed and I didn't care for the art.

Arashi! Arashi! For dream~ - Sony Aquarium - a really cool spot we checked out in Ginza.

Blog Post: Thoughts on some of the food I had in Japan! :D

Moved back to the apartment and school starts today! Busy busy~

Here's hoping I'll still be able to maintain my blog and Twitter account and whatnot! I'm optimistic about it thus far :)

It gets difficult to balance school with studying Japanese. Trying to create some of my own tips to follow~

Blog Post: Tweet log just in case you missed any or are interested in reading through them in mini-blog form

Come join me! I'm taking: Learn to Read Japanese Manga with Rainbowhill and Natsuk... on eduFire - The awesome red gates of Asakusa.

Manga Nostalgia: Imadoki. A very short and sweet school story. It was so simple and cute; I enjoyed it quite a bit. - Another shot of Asakusa~ - This is where we offered our coins at the Asakusa temple~

Manga Nostalgia: Onegai Sensei – A short manga series about a student who discovers his teacher is an alien. Very odd, but amusing too.

Blog Post: Drama Review of Ryuusei no Kizuna! - A shot of the bathroom from our hotel room in Tokyo - it was so tiny! XD

Have you heard about the drama Ryuusei no Kizuna? Read my review~

Manga Nostalgia: Alice 19th – One of my favorite fantasy manga. The art is great, and I thought it was one of Yuu Watase’s best stories.

Sakurai Sho's birthday today! ^o^ Happy Birthday Sho~ - The infamous fancy toilets! Although the features on this one from our hotel room didn't work XP
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