Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tweet Log 19 (March)

Continuing my story through tweets... start at the beginning here.

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QuirkyLife update: Cardcaptor Sakura

Man, I'm so used to watching Cardcaptor Sakura whenever I have a small chunk of time haha, now I feel kinda lost XD

QuirkyLife update: Stupid Lighting!

Blog Post: Tweet Log 16 (December)

QuirkyLife update: Arashi CD's and Meetup

Blog Post: Lang-8 (Just to repost the video onto my blog ^^)

Soooo much to do >< Video this week will have to be finished tonight and probably uploaded tomorrow ^^

Just noticed I have 50 Youtube subscribers! Woo~ *throws confetti* Thanks for supporting my lil channel guys :D

QuirkyLife update: Adshap8's Japanese Monologue Contest

Eep, quite the delay this week, but I'm determined to still keep this a weekly thing :) Video uploading now~

Finally have a bit of a breather and am watching Durarara ^^

Youtube update: Top 5 Things to Watch for Japanese Learners

My prayers and well wishes go out to all those affected by the earthquakes in Japan. Take care, everyone.

For anyone searching for people:

QuirkyLife update: Japan Earthquakes - quick message of support <3

The emotion is finally hitting me about everything. Can't even imagine how hard it would be for those in Japan. #prayforjapan

Would it be insensitive to post a video like normal that isn't centered around Japan's disasters? Maybe I should wait a couple of days.. :/

Youtube update: Hardships in Japan I'm annotating links to other jvloggers to gather info together in this one

Youtube update: Exercise while Learning

QuirkyLife update: Random Sillyness + Silent Hill 4

QuirkyLife update: So many ways to help Japan!

Blog Post: Hardships in Japan

School starts again today... wooo

Just spent a whole class period discussing the current situation in Japan. Tough to talk about, but very informative.

Blog Post: Tweet Log 17 (January)

Youtube update: How to Help Japan

Youtube update: Paper Crane (鶴の折り紙) Message of Hope Double video update today!

I've REALLY fallen in love with Arashi's Lotus :3

Youtube update: Introduction to Arashi (嵐)
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