Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tweet Log 11 (July)

Continuing my story through tweets... start at the beginning here.

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Came back home to this! My mom got me a ton of authentic Japanese manga that her friend was giving away!!! ^0^

A natural hotspring! Not very big, but still very warm and was a fun site :D

Things have been slow since I'm pretty busy - nearing the end of my summer school session and moving out of my apartment this weekend!

I do plan to get a blog out in the next few days though ;D

An artsy glass house in the middle of the mountains. Not many tourists get to see this kind of stuff O.o

Blog Post: Cooking Adventures - Okonomiyaki

Added a "Tweets" section to my blog - not sure whether to show tweets like that or just put up a "follow me!" button..

Another shot of the glass house in the mountains. So mysterious...

I'll be leaving for Belgium on Monday! Busy busy, but I plan to get in a couple of blog entries before then! One of them in a few minutes...

Blog Post: Lang-8 Part 2

So determined to get through RTK by the end of the summer! *SRSing away*

A structure inside some train station that I found kinda interesting XD

I've been watching so many Disney movies in Japanese on Youtube lately! :D

At the airport! Heading out to Belgium. Not sure how much I'll be able to tweet but hopefully I will have Internet. Shuppaaaatsu!

Made it to Belgium safely and I sorta have internet! I'll have to see whether I'm able to update the blog...

French keyboards are pretty different from Americans one - I have to get used to them again!

Blog Post: Epic Journey of Summer 2010! Part 1 (Belgium)

Today, July 21st, is the Belgian Independence Day! Woo~

Finished the entire series of よつばと!I'll definitely be going through it again in the future, such a fun and cute series ^^

ベルギー | Lang-8 #lang8

Finding it a lot harder than I thought it would be to do any kind of work over here :/ Having fun with the family, but little time to myself

Also, have a depressing amount of homework to do. Meeting my kanji goal might not happen. I'll do my best though >.<

Working on a new blog, but having an issue with the pictures (curse you bad internet!) This may take a while.. I might post it w/o pics..
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