Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Epic Journey of Summer 2010! Part 1 (Belgium)

Hey, everyone! While my main focus is Japan, this blog is about many cultures in general, and as I tend to travel, I thought why not document it! I will be in Europe for the next three weeks or so and would like to share this with you. It'll provide more content for when I have little time to make regular blog posts, and hopefully it'll be interesting posts in and of themselves. Just so you know, despite the title, I'm not sure if this particular trip will be really "epic" and I'll mostly be just visiting family, but I still hope to visit some new places and see some cool things.

Now, I'm not sure how good I'll be at blogging while travelling. It's a little ambitious, as I know that things can get very busy (especially when I do interesting stuff that I really want to blog about). So this will be a bit of an experiment. I plan to update you guys on my journey a couple of times a week - let's see if I can do it!

Aaaaand we're off!
So our journey begins at an airport in Houston, Texas: Bush Intercontinental. Surprisingly, it wasn't busy at all, and we got on and through the flight with no problems. Ironically, even though I travel quite a bit, I'm definitely not a fan of flying. But there was very little turbulence, and I was thankful for a smooth ride.

We flew directly to Paris, France, which was a nine-hour flight. We're not spending any time there this year - in fact, even though I go to the Paris airport almost every year, I've only ever actually visited the city once. So I mostly just know it for its airport. However, this was the first time I'd seen this particular terminal. Here are a couple shots of that:

Again, the airport was fairly calm and easy to get through this time. We needed to rent a car, and then it was a three-hour drive to my grandparent's house in Belgium.

It's been a pretty smooth process, but I am so exhausted! I'm also terrible with jet lag, so I need to get used to that. But I'm happy to be here! ^^
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