Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cooking Adventures: Tamagoyaki

I looove trying out various kinds of foods from all over the world, but I'm not very good at cooking (more like, not very experienced? ^^;). I have trouble finding the time and willpower to cook, but I really do enjoy it! I thought I might as well try out a new section of my blog where I have cooking adventures! Hope you enjoy!

As I just started my spring break from school, I have some extra time and resources at home to try out various recipes. Today I tried something simple - Tamagoyaki. By the way, I referred to this recipe from :) So for this entry, I won't go into the recipe itself, so please go check out that awesome website! But here's my attempt at it~

Mixing all the ingredients is easy enough. This was my first time mixing things like mirin, soy sauce, and sugar into egg but it tastes soo good that way~

I kept almost forgetting to oil the pan before each layer of egg, so don't forget to if you try this yourself! Pour in the mixture, wait until it's a little cooked...

...then the rolling starts! For next time, I took note of the fact that I needed a different pan. Originally, I had just planned to use a spatula the first time making this instead of attempting to cook it with chopsticks. However, the pan I used was pretty small, and the rim was fairly high, so I had trouble picking up the edge of the layer with a spatula, or even a fork. So I was sort of forced into using chopsticks for the most part, which thankfully ended up okay.

Making sure the egg got underneath the roll was a little bit of a challenge as well. Also, in retrospect I realize that I actually let the egg cook a little too long, I think. I didn't want it to end up runny inside, but in the end the layers didn't stick to each other very well.

Another reason I need to use a different pan - it made my tamagoyaki such a weird shape! Like... triangular... which I don't think would have happened if I'd used a flatter pan. Of course, this was more or less taken care of by the next step (hey, for all I know it's supposed to be triangular...?).

Roll it up! Actually, this was a little harder than I anticipated, oddly enough - I had to unroll it and reposition it a couple of times to make it nice and tight. Let it cool for a bit...


You can see the gaps where the egg didn't stick too well, but it still tasted just fine! おいしかったよ!

This is such a great, simple recipe! It looks and tastes so good and is perfect for bentos! I was satisfied with my attempt and will definitely be making this again. ^^


  1. We'll be adding this to our list of recipes to try, thanks! =D

  2. So simple, yummy, and most importantly... ADORABLE! You give fantastic directions and I love the step by step pictures. I must try this!!